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TRITON SPARE PARTS There are 11 products. View: Sort by. T41200BS - Spare parts . Product Description. This rugged 3/8" thick phenolic insert plate is designed to provide a solid, flat, and perfectly level mounting surface for your Triton router. Measuring 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" (235mm x 298mm), it will accept almost any <b>Triton</b> router (even large, heavy models) with ease. A Router Table ( RTA300 ) increases the versatility of the Workcentre even further. It locks to the chassis at the front and into both bearing channels. ... The two dome-head, spring-tensioned bolts that hold the router into the Triton Router Table ( RTA300 ) are identically placed, so the machine remains compatible for <b>Triton</b> <b>Table</b> use.

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